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José Carlos Schwarz & Le Cobiana Djazz - Lua Ki Di Nos (Hot Mule)

This is an album which makes you nostalgic. About what, you may not know. You may not (you won’t) even understand what the lyrics are saying. But that is part of its magic.

It speaks that universal language of longing, of beauty, of pain, of what is in Portuguese known as ‘saudade’. The singer’s voice at times trembles, and this makes this album all the more potent, all the more real.

José Carlos Schwarz is a West African legend, and his music has influenced the scene of later Guinea-Bissau music (such as another Fluffy favorite: Super Mama Djombo), and all of Lusoafrican music. This is the type of album for which the word ‘gem’ should be reseved for.



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