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Kyriakos Sfetsas - Greek Fusion Orchestra Vol.1 (Teranga Beat)


"Greekness" is something we, the new generation of Greeks, try to avoid adopting. We seem to not be proud of our heritage and ,hence, forget our cultural history. Furthermore, who in the right mindframe would have thought that in the middle of the 70's a Greek composer would fusion Greek folk music with avant garde jazz! Thats an enormous exclamation point btw.

Both for this amazing discovery from a very capable record label, Teranga Beat, and also, for the quality of the tunes and orchestration of Senior Sfetsas.

So, it wasn't only politics and pompous revolutionary music at that times Greeece. Jazz was also flourishing, and what an amazing standout artefact this album is.

Well done Kyriakos and Teranga for rewriting historic music points that should have been more in the foreground.

Beat it, don't skip it.



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