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Nina Simone - It is Finished (RCA)

I don't usually take interest on live albums. I mean, sound is always mediocre, live shows are for the ones taking part, and most times it's not even close to the quality of the studio album.

But. There's always a but in life, right?

This is Nina. And Nina live was like an African priestess on fire, fuming and screaming and changing her vocal language from growling and whispering and heating every part of your body with soul and emotion.

So, this is her live masterpiece, full of African percussion and sitars and Madagascar harps and lots of crazy rhythms flowing and flowing, spitting and spilling like a melting chocolate volcano in a fine dining dish.

Like she sings in Dambala,

"Sing of the wings, of a three toad frog Eat weeds from the deepest part of the sea

Bring the trumpets from heaven and the fire from hell

Then nobody can break the spell"

There's never gonna be a Nina again.



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