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Fluffy Lovers

It's Fluffy® aims to seek out and bring to its users' attention high quality music, new or old. The website's main goals are simple:

  • Bring together music enthusiasts

  • Share our thoughts with a wider audience - that's you!

  • To NOT take ourselves too seriously. 

Finally, in line with this generally light-hearted approach, It's Fluffy aims to entertain its viewers by scouring the internet for so-called "Fluffiness" (and also by making fun of itself and its founders in whatever way possible)

We live in an increasingly busy world and a lot of us feel that we have less and less time doing the things we love. If listening to music is one your favourite pastimes, then hopefully this website will make the task of finding new material a whole lot easier.

There are two sides to It's Fluffy that need explaining. Firstly, all you need to know about this website is that it was a way for us to share with our friends whatever musical trends, bands, acts, songs, videos etc. might be tickling our fancy.


The second aspect that needs some explaining is Fluffy himself. Yes, that's right. 'Himself', not 'itself'. Fluffy is a real, flesh n' bones person. And he's quite a character. You may have met him without even knowing it. Or you may have heard about him from others. Its more than likely that if you haven't already encountered him, you will at some point in your life.


Very briefly, Fluffy started his meteoric rise from very humble beginnings before developing into the jet-setting, party-loving, über-socialising being that he is today. His story is fascinating. I hope to share it with you here and one day maybe you too will turn, gasp and point before screaming "LOOK! IT'S FLUFFY!!!"



I used to listen to all sorts of music, from metal to ambient to hip hop to electronic. I still do. But I used to, too. 



A music enthusiast, I aim to satisfy every hungry music lover with hidden gems, awesome tunes and spectacular concert memorabilia to make thy heart’s flower flourish.



I am in charge of Fluffy's web-housekeeping; but look out for some rad reviews, especially when it comes to rare, beautiful music growing on rich African soil. 

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