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Black Renaisance- Body, Mind And Spirit (Luv N'Haight)


This is where it started for me. A black spiritual jazz journey that keeps on and keeping on till today.

The concept. Harry Whitaker (the right hand of a Mr. Roy Ayers and creator of the "We live in Brooklyn" anthem) called many of his friends, some poets, most musicians, others beatnick rebels of the time on a one shot improvised session of a new sound.

So, imagine this. A big studio with 10 mindfuckin awesome musicians jamming with anyone that entered the session at any time!

Result? Two mindblowin anthems, a new wall of sound and lots of bombastic snippets of genius.

In the words of Harry. "“The studio was packed, it was like a party celebration or a gathering. It was full of people who appreciated music and that helped the energy and the vibe, we were able to bounce ideas off the crowd. There are solos, poetry and even rapping on it, all of it improvised. They say the first rap records came out in 1976, maybe mine was one of the first?”

Maybe then. No matter what, this is a holy grail of spiritual and fusion jazz.

Grab it.



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