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OHMA - Between all things (Colorfield Records)

Long story short.

Colorfield Records is a very fresh and funky new label from the Los Angeles specializing in Ambient Jazz and Electronic Weirdo Bytes.

I tried to buy all their catalogue but it was so expensive to travel, I decided to approach them and beg for some help. They were great, so helpful, I got 3 amazing albums and this is one of them.

Ohma. Two talented girls. A record that flows like water from a shallow river, saxes come and go every once in a while, utter brilliant ambient soundscapes and an album that you just put on your turntable and enjoy in one sitting. No need to talk about particular songs, the whole thing acts as one complete brain melting.

I tried to think of one word that describes this gem. All I thought was "beautiful". A pure and truly beautiful masterpiece for these awful times the world is in at the moment.

Tears of joy.





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