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Pharoah Sanders - With a Heartbeat

Everybody loves Pharoah. Pharoah is King. He was the King of all pharaohs, full stop.

Not only because his sax was fuming and smoking and burning silly hot when it was blown, but because the King was into all challenges that laid upon him.

This heartbeat of an album was one of his first electronic excursions and possibly the last one till the Floating Points masterpiece of 2021.

His tenor is elemental in creating space around the electronic ambience of Graham Haynes and the incredible basslines of Bill Laswell.

"Across Time", the opening 17 min opus is where the magic happens. This is possibly the beginning of ambient jazz, the point where the spirits of these 2 genres collide and explode in the same time.

"Gamaka" closes this master gem of an album with a more upbeat tone, reminiscent of the acid jazz scene that happened 10 years after this album.

So, King Pharoah and also a Prophet.

Hail Hail!



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