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Pharoah Sanders - Pharoah (India Navigation)

Summer's over. New Corona waves start waving around the globe.

Stress, psychosomatic issues, fear for the future. Which can only mean one thing.

Need some time to reflect, meditate and stop time till the next bunch of covid deaths start hitting the news.

Here comes Pharoah with his Pharoah meditative techniques.

Its not your usual Pharoah, hard hitting, exhilarating sax solos yelping for help.

Pharoah's sax is smooth, melodic and may lead the way but Tisziji Munoz's guitar here is the king, keeping the temp all the way through. Then Clifton "Jiggs" Chase comes with his amazing organ and pushes the meds even further.

This is pure meditative music. Hear me out yoga mats and yoga blocks out there.

Music for the soul, the soulful and especially the soulless.




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