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Ralph Heidel - Modern Life (KRYPTOX)


I am a sucker for really weird album covers, but if you manage to make one that's both strange and also misleading to what you're about to listen, then, for me, this contrast is the bomb.

Leaving this attack on the senses aside, the music here is B E A U T I F U L.

Combining a sax that breathes to you, piano notes that break your heart, glitchy bleepy electronics and a heart for diversity, this is a very complete album, an album you really want to go out and be proud to have listened.

Radical Matter is a good example of how classical music can be combed with cool drum breaks and violin fillings. The Void of Modern Life has a Bach ref all over it, but the way the sax creeps up is magic indeed and makes it so multilayered that you end up gathering glasses from the ceiling especially when the song climaxes at the end.

Mr Heidel, you a genius, let's pray that your music is spread out cause it is really beautiful and unique.

Danke Old Soul.




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