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Shake Stew - Gris Gris


Shake Stew. It's not a stew but it does shake. Well, yes, name is kinda of a letdown.

Stews are Austrian.From Vienna. And they rock. Well, they actually jazz but in a ROCK way.

Their music is kind of like an Icelandic volcano!

It's smokey, upbeat, partying jazz bomb, the one where you can't do anything but reach a climax every time each song crescendoes.

Listen to the drums on "Keep Walking" for instance. Pure driven energy, no strings attached.

Opener, "I can feel the heat closing in". What a festive "hey, come up on stage 2, these guys blew the shit out of my brains" kind of vibe.

Overall, it's a very complete third album by these Austrian guys, who might dress kind of "Eurovision" like, they might look "not so Austrian" , but hell, do they rock like alligators with sharp fangs.

"You let go, you fly", as the boys say. Try it. Party time!




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