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The Gentleman Losers - Permanently Midnight

Wish I could talk about the Losers for days and days. Their hypnotic, mystic soundz contain multitudes of layers upon layers.

Theiir music travels but stays still at the same time, their style is eerie yet hopeful, contrasts are abundant as the tracks unravel meanings for a world that's coming to the end, yet it is still a happy place!

Finnish brothers Samu and Ville Kuukka, have been around for more than a decade offering gems such as "Dustland" their 2009 masterpiece and their eponymous album of 2006 that baptised them in the world of "music from the past that hasn't happened yet", as their motto stands.

Permanently Midnight is their most complete album, gathering all their strengths, building dreamy soundscapes, vocoding vocals, leaving beautiful songs with bravado indeed.

" The Good Bird Singin' in the Twilight Tree" and " Holding Back the Nights" stand out, but this is a whole trip and not some stops.

The world may be in a permanent midnight state of things at the moment, but it's getting more gentle with these losers.

Listen when the city lights turn bright.


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