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Devin Brahja Waldman - Brahja (RR GEMS)

How do you know a record is a future gem? Well, other than waiting like a 5 year old for the vinyl reissue for over a year, other than the album itself being a mesmerising misty jazz tune bomb, it is the actual love that has been put from an Estonian label to share a masterpiece with an amazing vinyl edition of timeless artwork and beautiful packaging.

Apart from the huge praise for this marvellous piece of music, songs like "Medicine Woman"and "In the Mess" evoke distant memories of dark New York live Jazz clubs where cigarette puffs are in synchro and old fashioned whiskeys are poured on the rocks.

Indulge your senses and hopefully, in these weird times, we can all travel in mindways through Devin Brahja Waldman's inspiration.


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