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Piero Umiliani - Continente Nero (Dagored)

Remember the Muppet Show? Mah Na, Mah Na, tu , tu, tu ru ru.


Well, this is the guy who wrote the theme song. But he also composed more than 150

soundtracks, lots and lots of cheesy Italian TV show themes and a lot of culty, weirdoish tunes for the generation c, d and f.

But. For every Jekyll there is a Hyde. And here comes M.Zalla, his alter ego.

Darker, jazzier, moody, microtuney, a bless in disguise literally.

Fourth World-esque sounds from the First continent full of mysticism and erotic tribulations, a masterful album that cherishes music from the deeper parts of this amazing culture.

Listen without prejudice.

Ps. Percussion on this album is extreme.Headphones on.

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